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ChrisCornelli offers an exceptionally and carefully selections of Premium Brands.


The world is changing are you updated and prepared!

There is a growing demand for Premium Brands all around the globe.  Forward-thinking retailers are setting high expectations for the rest of the industry. The emphasis on understanding what consumers really want continued to expand the gap between the leaders and everyone else who followed. For retailers, understanding how consumer expectations are evolving has never been more important, especially with the convergence of supply chain, digital technologies, and other innovations. While the overall economy might be losing its shine in 2020, it presents retailers an opportunity to review their playbook for riding out a downturn.

To strengthen your retail store, you should focus on five critical factors to success:

  • Determine why you matter
  • Build a solid and unique concept with a clear plan to invest in growth
  • Embrace technology and automation to better leverage growth and customer experience
  • Look outside your own bubble to embrace partnerships and new opportunities
  • Select premium brands instead of low-cost brands and discounts

Given the rapid pace of technological advances, social transformation, and demand for higher product quality, requirements, expectations of outstanding customer service and experience are now being set by those outside the business. Consumer expectations are rising all over the world, while ancient national and industrial divides are shrinking.

The ChrisCornelli team covers the most important aspects of business strategy, marketing expansion, brand positioning, and branding. In addition to important sales processes both for the brand owners and the dealer/ reseller. We base our long experience and network as an agency for strong and profitable brands. Before we sign an agreement we have already done our research based on important criteria. In this way, our partners save precious time and avoid the risk when buying our Premium Brands.

Boost your store’s profile and increase your profits. Offer something unique that not all your competitors have in stock. Send us your request and we will contact you as soon as possible so we can show you what benefits we can bring to the table.



LineArgent is a Spanish brand of silver jewelry with over 20 years in the sector. LineArgent is present in more than 1500 points of sale in Spain, Europe, and America. Millions of people have purchased these jewels and about a million people right now wear a jewel of this firm. Gives your customers an exclusive and trendy look with good profit and low in-price.  Apply today!

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