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Imagine the dilemma the retail industry is facing and the impact this gets for the rest of the supply chain as for Brand Owners to get into the stores.

That’s when we got the idea for ChrisCornelli. It was clear to us that many of the retailers are facing more and more challenging with profitable operations, find the right product range and accommodate the digital age for seemeless shopping to end customers. 

Who We Are

We are a professional team of ambitious people with background from sales, marketing, strategy and business management.

With a wealth of experience in business strategy, retail operations, buying, merchandise planning, wholesale, e-commerce, marketing, creative branding & digital design, the founders of Chris Cornelli have represented some of the world’s leading global brands. Their working experience spans across multiple brands in Europe and Asia with physical retail and online stores.



We connect Brand Owners and retailers and support them with insights, strategy, marketing and sales to archive profitable business cross the boarders.

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