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Retail MANAGEMENT  In The New Digital Age

Personalisation is the new strategic differentiator. The challenge of modern retail branding strategies is primarily around maintaining consistency of positioning and communication across all possible touch points.

We are specialists in understanding the customer journey. This includes insights on consumers, shoppers, channel and retailers, developing growth strategies, leading organisational excellence and in-depth knowledge of eCommerce strategies.

Questions you should ask and find out:

  • How much do you know about your customers, by segments and each and one of them?
  • Do you know the reason why they visit your store, again and again or only once or not at all?
  • Are your retail shop set up to handle multi- omni- or cross-channel in your marketing?
  • Is there a GAP betwwen your promised service concept and the customers expectation?
  • What is the actual value of your assortment and cost?
  • How is satisfaction among your employees?
  • What is your ROI of marketing?


Chris Cornelli helps aspiring Retail companies and Brand owners of the future to fulfil their potential.

  • Workshop – Based on our insight, we bring out the capabilities in your retail business
  • Strategy – Together we create a winning direction for your store concept
  • Visual performance – Let’s create your graphic profile and visualisation with photo and video
  • Tech-based optimization – Optimize your marketing- and salesplatforms and integrate for seemless shopping
  • Marketing – Get a winning approach with revenue based marketing both digital and in physical store
  • Sales training – Reforche your salesteam to winning service and impress your customers and revenue
  • Consulting – Hire us when you need it. We support you with all above or customize based on your needs
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