Brand assets at your fingertips – wherever you are.

Does your audience see the value in your retail concept?

As an extension of our Premium Brands, we support our retailers with comprehensive strategies and solutions custom-fit to your business from start to finish. Our Media Agency offers everything your business requires for marketing, promotions, and advertising under one umbrella. Making sure your store is optimization and facilitation for both online and offline sales.

Hiring us doesn’t mean you have to use everything we offer. Services can be a la carte or bundled depending on your objectives. The process starts with a meeting to get insights about your company and see if we fit. The next step would be a workshop to work on what we can do to contribute with the later strategy plan for your needs in short and long terms. Only then we can start with value-added marketing based on your needs and cost-effective plan to meet the business goals.

With the overall economic slowdown and increasing uncertainties, the rise of omnichannel retail, and the trend of data-driven decision-making, the retail industry faces many challenges, Briefly summarized as follows:

  • The increasing cost of channel development and reaching customers
  • Wide application of social eCommerce
  • Digital transformation to improve operational efficiency
  • Reshape retail value and enhance the consumer experience

For those retailers who inspire shoppers with a clear and consistent Why and make them feel being part of something bigger than themselves, surround themself with people, products, and what you stand for, tells your customers who they are, and what they believe! We at ChrisCornelli add value to your branding, redefining your Brand DNA, and communicate your stories, values, and beliefs to the right audience.

efficient operational rules, smart classifications, the faster response from supply chains, and more real-time execution will provide shoppers with online and offline shopping experiences that are seamlessly integrated will benefit the competition



ChrisCornelli helps aspiring Retail companies and Brand owners of the future to fulfil their marketing potential. These are the primary services we cover:

  • Marketing research- & insights
  • Marketing strategy- & planning
  • Branding and design
  • PR & Communication
  • Media Planning
  • Social Media and influencer marketing
  • Sales support in store
  • WEB design and application development
  • Business strategy- and expansion
  • Product testing- and development
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