We provide business decision-makers with the information that they need to reduce risks, identify opportunities, and avoid mistakes to profitable expansion.

Insights are important and the foundation to survival. But on its own is not enough to create value and grow revenue. You also need to be able to influence customers through strategy and behavioural economics, and gain access by building trust. At the same time, sales approaches that focus too much on influencing strategies are vulnerable to game-changing insights. Many conversational tactics can destroy trust.

Over the past five years, traditional large retailers—such as supermarket chains, drugstores, and big-box specialty retailers—have found growth elusive. In most major markets they are facing intensified competition, particularly from discounters, as recession-era shopping habits have become entrenched. Opening new stores is no longer a surefire way to grow, in light of market saturation and the boom in e-commerce. Either is focusing on price war to attract customers with only discounts. Industries like electronics, fashion and sport is proof of bad business strategy with red numbers and bankruptcy.

European markets, and margins are under pressure. By embedding consumer insights into your merchandising processes, retailers can boost both like-for-like sales and profitability while creating smarter merchants. Focusing on exclusive brands in the premium segment are more and more important for retailers profit by differentiation strategy in their Branding.

Below are a few questions that demonstrate the importance of Brand Strategy

  1. How do our current initiatives serve our brand and corporate strategy?
  2. How do the primary activities that drive our business units help or hinder our brand and corporate strategy?
  3. Do we believe that our earnings are reflective of the intent of our brand and corporate strategy?
  4. Are all of our new hires a solid reflection of the talent and skill sets required to build greater — equity in our brand and further strengthen our corporate strategy?
  5. Are who we are and what we do in true alignment?

Why become an CC reseller ?

  • Get accsess to our Premium Brands – Strengthen your store profile and product line
  • Benefit from our storefront branding – Exclusive brands attract valuable customers
  • Improve your profit margins – Our RRP strategy drive revenue & profitability 
  • Commercial benefits – Cross channel retail marketing & sales strategy
  • Top sales training programmes – Increase your insight, influence and trust
  • Position of your Store DNA – Strategy, marketing and sales management
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