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Squat Wolf- The Number 1 Fitness Apparel Brand in the Middle-East AND ONE OF THE TOP FIVE FITNESS BRAND IN EUROPE.

The story

A pair of busy professionals from Dubai found their passion for fitness. Over the years they noticed a massive gap in the apparel market which was to have both stylish and functional apparel.  Thus Squat Wolf was born. Wajdan (Waj) Gul dedicated his time and effort to create an apparel brand that not only had the best style but was equipped with functionality to adhere to even the best athlete’s needs.

About Squat Wolf

SW are a pair of busy corporate professionals from Dubai with a passion for fitness and fashion. Over the years, as they became more and more involved in fitness and found themselves frustrated and perplexed by how difficult it was to find best in class gym wear that could stand up to seriously intense workouts and also look good.

“Imagine the dilemma, two workout enthusiasts without access to gym gear that’s not only stylish but stands to the toughest of workouts!”

That’s when they got the idea for SQUAT WOLF.  It was clear to them that many of the big brands were already offering the best in class quality. Their designs, on the other hand, were pretty monotonous and just plain boring. The founders set out to challenge the status quo and offer gym gear with similar best in class quality that is also kicking it in the style department.

Every product on the SW shop has been engineered for active life from fit to stitch to fabric with gym-goers in mind, and to fulfill their vision of what gym wear should be. Born in Dubai, they have enlisted loads of UAE trainers and everyday gym-goers in our local community to help them design the products, select the fabrics and other materials. And the founders have loved every minute of it.

It comes down to this: They believe that good things come to those who sweat, and that good gym wear should help you feel good and look good while you sweat.

– That’s the story. “We are SQUAT WOLF”.  Born in Dubai. Engineered for GYM.


True athletic fit®

Gym Athletes shouldn’t compromise on ‘Performance’ for ‘Style’ or ‘Fit’. They need gear that accentuates their v-tapered physique. Gear that fits right and is especially made for their ‘athletic shaped bodies’.


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