The various interactions consumers have with digital media and digital platforms have rewritten the arc of the consumer decision journey, causing shoppers to become accustomed to a much greater level of convenience, choice, and accessibility. If your physical store doesn't deliver the X-factor, it's no point to invest in one.


want to grow MORE HEALTHY retail sales?

Well, it all starts with how you impact your Retail concept. Still a lot of retailers don´t have any clear strategy to communicate their concept. Even if they invest in physical stores they seem not to understand the importance of facilitating the training of their employees, applying technology to offer their products in the customer’s buying journey. Focusing on discounts instead of making unique store concept and valuable offers to the customers.

Much has changed since the old merchant ran the shop on the corner. Today, broader and deeper knowledge is required to run a store. As store manager you need skills in HR, leadership, finance and holistic marketing with a strategic thinking. The emergence of e-commerce as an industry has shifted the focus of retail branding from physical stores to that of cross-channel consistency around visual identity, generating perceptions, communication of positioning, and enhancing the customer experience. In todays retail landscape, a lot of retailers are still strugling to meet the customers expectations, using technological tools and value-added marketing in each sales spot. You cannot buy loyalty, you need to earn it.

Good sales strategy connect and nurture their relationship with their buyers.  Today’s customers simply won’t tolerate the stereotypical fast-talking salesperson whose sole concern is making a sale. Why should people visit your store, if they can experience and achieve even faster and better on internet?

Here are som free advice to improve your sales:

  • Think like a customer
  • Have the right amount of inventory
  • Provide customers with a uique in-store experience
  • Build your brand, ivolve and build your own community
  • Offer customer service with use of omni-channel marketing
  • Inspire your employees to be available and interruptible
  • Train your managers on how to coach their associates
  • Make a motivation system that trigger to sales and good customer service


Chris Cornelli helps aspiring Retail companies and Brand owners of the future to fulfil their potential.

    • Sales workshop – Connect with your Retail DNA, define your concept and align the communications to your audience.
    • Sales strategy – Create a winning direction for your store and brand
    • Sales Training – Get your first hand interaction as your number one sales force
    • Sales system – Implementation of cross channel tools for different sales spots


Chris Cornelli helps aspiring Retail companies and Brand owners of the future to fulfil their potential.

  • Brand workshop – Connect with your audience, define your voice and align the communications to your goals.
  • Brand strategy – Create a winning direction for your store and brand
  • Brand naming
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Tech – Digitalt branding tools as web and app- application

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