We help retail leaders and their teams Get Clear, Get Focused and Get Moving on their most important strategic and organizational challenges.

We help our clients make their most important strategic decisions and then turn those decisions into revenue based action with marcable brands.

When retailers is clear on its vision and tackles each day with a laser-like focus on its strategic goals, it is better able to sustain high performance. Regardless of the size and scope of the engagement, we work to make the strategy process interesting and engaging for all involved. Setting a clear strategic direction is an important leadership moment in any organization’s evolution. With this in mind, we make the process transparent and inclusive, finding the right ways to include the entire organization in the process so that when it’s time to roll the plan out, employees feel a sense of ownership and clear on the role they play in moving your store forward.

The impact of volume discounts can be more complex than you might realize. In fact, discounting may do your retail business more harm than good. The dangers of volume discounts is that on the surface, they may seem to do a good job of increasing sales. But dig deeper, and these discounts can also expose businesses to serious risks. Here is why:

  • Volume discounts lower the reference price for the customer
  • Volume discunts risk loss of profits
  • Volme discounts often lack accountability
  • Volume discounts damage your Retail DNA

Our Strategy practice helps retailers tackle the following important needs:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Growth Strategy
  • Business Unit Strategy
  • Market Research, Analysis & Insight
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Vision and Mission Setting & Refinement
  • Implementation Tools & Processes
  • Scenario Planning
  • Sales- and marketing strategy


  • Change Management – We help leaders and their employees to breake through the complexities of organization change
  • Leadership & Culture – We help develop stronger leaders and healthier organization cultures
  • Process Improvement – Improve your effeciency and effectiveness of the organization
  • Find your direction – Got lost? We help retailers to re-brand the store DNA with a clear and winning concept
  • Accsess tp Premium Brands – Differentiate your store with our unique Premium Brands
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